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From here you can view and read along from each of our sermons. You will also find links to different series. Each service is available with online links to God's word from the King James Bible.
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Romans “Golden Road of Salvation”

We begin our study of Romans first taking a look into the little book of Habakkuk.


Golden Road of Salvation

July 17, 2022

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FBCL | James | and the Tongue is a Fire

Looking for another sermon?Scripture King James (English)James 3:1-12Psalms 120:3Isaiah 59:3Proverbs 25:15Proverbs 25:23Proverbs 6:24Proverbs 17:20Isaiah 33:19Micah 6:12Proverbs 10:20Psalms 140:31 Timothy 3:8Proverbs 21:6Exodus 4:10[dssb_sharing_buttons columns="1"...

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FBCL | Esther | Introduction

Looking for another sermon?Scripture King James (English)Esther 1:1-8[dssb_sharing_buttons columns="1" use_sharing_title="on" _builder_version="4.17.6" _module_preset="default" border_radii_main="on|36px|36px|36px|36px" border_width_all_main="2px"...

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FBCL | Romans | Within the Sanctuary

Looking for another sermon?Scripture King James (English)Psalms 32:1-11Romans 7:25Romans 3:21-28Romans 12:1Romans 5:1-2Romans 5:5-11Isaiah 53:12[dssb_sharing_buttons columns="1" use_sharing_title="on" _builder_version="4.17.6" _module_preset="default"...

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